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The Journal is the Guild’s OFFICIAL PUBLICATION.
It is a quarterly, non-commercial woodturning magazine.
It is not publicly traded but distributed to the Guild’s members world wide.
Its cost is included in the annual membership fee.
Its Advertising is strictly a non-profit setup.
Organisations and groups may subscribe to the Journal through Associate Membership.


A) Provide the IWG with a prime tool of communication in pursuance of the aims 2a—2e of its constitution, namely:
a) Furthering of woodturning as a craft/art entity
b) Provide a forum for the exchange of views and common objectives amongst its members
c) Encourage the development of educational and training facilities for woodturners
d) Be a clearing house for information from and to woodturners and other craft and art bodies or organisations
e) Undertake other activities as may be in accordance with its aims
B) Provide the Executive Committee with an adequate tool for its needs of communication
C) Provide the Chapters with a regular carrier for their communication requirements
D) Provide each member with an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with woodturners on the entire island of Ireland

in the first half of MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER

For Chapter News, Articles and Adverts: 5th day of each month preceding the Shipping date: 5th of FEBRUARY, MAY, AUGUST and NOVEMBER For last minute Guild communications: 15th day of each month preceding the Shipping date: 15th of FEBRUARY, MAY, AUGUST and NOVEMBER

Frank Fitzpatrick
Phone: 087 6398382

Advertising Manager:

Please send all contributions for publication in digital form, by e-mail or on a disk to the above address. Graphics preferably in one of the following formats: JPG, BMP, PUB, DIB, PCX, RTF, DOC, QXP.

Being a non-profit operation, our rates are lower than those of any comparable COMMERCIAL publications - YET our magazine reaches the majority of Irish woodturners - each and everyone a potential customer for machinery, tools and consumables.

Rates 2015:

Full Colour Printing:
A4 Full Page € 200.00
Half Page (Landscape) € 100.00
Quarter Page (Portrait) €50.00

These prices in euro are payable net, in the case of single adverts, One-Year-Contracts qualify to a discount of 10%.
Each advert (also in the case of contracts) is individually invoiced, within 30 days of publication. Invoices are accompanied by a due proof-copy of the Journal. In the case of foreign advertisers, the invoice amount is converted into the corresponding denomination at the official exchange rate on the day of invoicing.

Graphics Files are accepted in all the currently common Formats: JPG, BMP, TIFF, DIB, PUB, PDF, RTF, DOC, QXP, etc. - they can be e-mailed to either the Guild's Advertising Manager or to the Editor

Free Members' Advertising

IWG members have the constitutional right to have NON-COMMERCIAL advertisements published in the Journal FREE OF CHARGE. Respective requests, accompanied by the desired text and - where applicable - digital graphics files are to be sent to the Advertising Manager, at least two days prior to the "Last Minute Deadline". Where the non-commercial nature of the advert is in doubt, the Advertising Manager has the right to make enquiries. Size and graphical layout of such adverts are in the discretion of the editor.