IWG National Seminar 2020 - Chapter Challenge Rules

The 2020 Chapter Challenge will be a woodturning lathe. The rules for this competition are as follows:

  1. The Chapter Challenge will take place at the 2020 National Seminar and is open to all chapters of the IWG. Each chapter is entitled and encouraged to submit one entry with pieces contributed from as many chapter members as possible.
  2. All entrants MUST have their entry at the hotel on Friday 30th October 2020 and fully assembled by 7.30pm that evening in competition’s allocated place, this area will be available from 4.00pm onwards. This is required to give the Judges adequate time to judge the efforts put in by the Chapter Woodturners. Judging will commence on Friday evening.
  3. The maximum display area for each chapter is 1m X 2m X 1.75m height. No part of the entire display should extend beyond these boundaries in any way.
  4. The lathe should be a fully articulated or functional model. This means that its components should move, and spin freely as a real lathe would. It does not have to be powered and no points will be awarded or deducted as a result of an installed power source.
  5. The lathe should be accessorised, and accessories will receive a portion of the points awarded.
  6. The lathe can be made from any materials available, but judging will be done strictly on the turning of wood only and not on plastic, metal or acrylic turning.
  7. There are no restrictions on the types of wood used. The use of woodturning techniques is highly encouraged and will be considered foremost by the judges over and above other disciplines such as woodcarving, lighting etc.
  8. Chapters MUST submit a full list of materials used and should include details of plans and techniques used... (This text should not contain any information that would identify the chapter or turners involved to the judges).
  9. The competition co-ordinator will require a full list of participants. This should also contain photos of the participants and the project during development. This is separate from the above list (paragraph 8.) of materials etc and should be submitted separately.
  10. The judges will select a winning entry from those that meet the criteria above based on their overall impression of the entries and woodturning. The Judges will supply a critique on all entries.
  11. Above all, have fun and good luck!

The Winning Chapter will get two free memberships as well as the Chapter Challenge Trophy.

Each participating Chapter with an entry on display meeting above criteria will receive one free membership.

An important briefing document for Chapters entering the Chapter Challenge may be downloaded here.

Chapter Challenge entry forms can be downloaded here.

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