IWG National Seminar 2020 - Competition Rules

  1. The Competition will take place on Saturday 31st October 2020. All entries must be presented at the competition room by 11am. Failure to do so will lead to pieces not being accepted for the competition.
  2. Entries will be accepted from attendees at the seminar in one of three sections; Under 19, Non-Professional or Professional.
    • A maximum of three entries per person will be accepted.
    • Entries will not be accepted in more than one section.
    • The Under 19 section will be subdivided into two categories U16 and U19. Entries will be accepted and placed in the appropriate category according to the participants age.
    • The Non-Professional section will be subdivided into the following competition categories; Open, Novice, Spindle, Segmented and Artistic. A person may not enter more than two pieces in any one of the Non-Professional categories.
    • It is up to the entrant to declare and define what competition section they are in. In the event of this leading to a complaint or query the IWG Executive Committee reserves the right to clarify and rule on the matter.
    • It is the responsibility of all entrants to collect their items. The Executive Committee of the IWG will not be responsible for items not collected by 2:30pm on Sunday 1st November 2020.
    • Pieces entered in previous IWG National Seminars must not be entered.
  3. In the event of work being delivered to the competition room without designation to a particular section/category the IWG reserves the right for the room steward to allocate the piece to a category.
  4. IWG members who are unable to attend are permitted to have their pieces submitted on their behalf for a fee of €10. This fee will not be applied to entries submitted in the under 19 section.
  5. Prizes will be awarded for each of the sections/categories as determined by the IWG Executive Committee In addition there will be an award for the overall winner and a "peoples' prize".
  6. While this competition is primarily a woodturning competition, the use of colour, texture, bone, plastics, metals and gilts is accepted as part of the competition. The use of Ivory is not permitted unless in a synthetic form for example sourced from nuts or plastics.
  7. Professional turners and demonstrators can only enter the Professional Section. As a broad guideline someone earning a significant proportion of their income from woodturning activities should consider himself or herself professional. Members of the RPT will be classed as a professional.
  8. The Executive Committee will select judges the competition.
  9. Anyone who may have a grievance with the competition may lodge this in writing with the Honorary secretary. Any grievance must be lodged within seven days of the competition.
    • Any queries at the time of the competition should be brought to the attention of the chief competition steward who will, if necessary, advise the IWG Executive Committee.
    • The IWG Executive Committee reserves the right to clarify or investigate any query or grievance with the individuals involved. Any query or grievance made by rumour or in an anonymous fashion will not be acted upon.
    • The IWG Executive Committee will make every effort to resolve any issues in a friendly, equitable and confidential manner and will ensure there is no conflict of interests in dealing with matters relating to the above.
    • No member of the IWG should approach a judge or judges with a grievance on any decision made by them. This may result in disqualification and possible exclusion from future competitions.
    • Any member who expresses themselves in a threatening or abusive manner towards competition Organisers, Judges or Stewards will be disqualified and may be barred from future competitions.
    • Decisions by the IWG Executive Committee on matters relating to the organisation and management of the IWG National Seminar Competition are final.

Competition entry forms can be downloaded here.

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