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Who can join the IWG? Anyone who has an interest in Woodturning can join the IWG. We currently have members from right across the world. Membership is open to all levels of turners as well as traders, collectors general crafts persons etc.

How can I join the IWG? Details of how to join the IWG can be found on this page.

Who gets the Guild Journal and how often? The Guild Journal is published usually four times per year. It is posted to all currently paid up members.

What do I do if my Journal does not arrive by post? You should firstly check with the Guild Membership Secretary to see that your details are correct on the Guild Membership Database and that you are recorded as being paid for the current year. If the details are correct the Membership Secretary will arrange for a Journal to be posted to you.

What should I do if I do not receive my membership card? Membership cards are posted within 14 days of payment being received by the Guild Membership Secretary. If you paid directly to the Membership Secretary you should allow 21 days before contacting him about your card. If you paid your Chapter Treasurer you should make contact with him/her first. You will need to allow sufficient time for him/her to send payment on to the Guild Membership Secretary and then time for the Membership Secretary to print and post the card. Please be patient and remember that there are no paid officers in the Guild and that Guild work usually is done after the day-job.

Why do I need a membership card? Your membership card is very important as it is your receipt of membership payment. It may also be required for attendance at Guild events, including Chapter meetings and workshops. Without your current membership card you may be asked to take out Associate Membership before being admitted to a Guild event. This is to ensure that all attendees are adequately covered by insurance. Your membership card can also be useful when purchasing woodturning tools etc. Many suppliers give discounts to Guild Members but you usually have to show your card as proof of membership.

Can I have a link from the Guild website to my personal site? Yes, members can have a link from the guild site to their on personal site. Just email the webmaster with the URL of your site. You will be asked to post a reciprocal link back to the Guild site. ***NOTE: The Guild Webmaster will check out your site before linking and will not link to it if there is any unsuitable content.

How can I advertise in the Guild Journal? To advertise in the Guild Journal you should contact the Journal Editor. But first you should read the Journal information pages on this site. If you know of anyone else who may like to advertise in the Journal please give them the information here.

What is the Management structure of the Guild? The Guild is run by an Executive Committee which is elected at the Guild AGM. The Executive committee meets at least six times per year and carries out the day-to-day management.  The Guild comprises a number of regional Chapters (20 at present). Chapters run meetings and workshops locally and are required to make an annual report of their activities as well as financial returns to the Executive Committee.

How is the Guild Financed? The Guild is solely financed from membership fees. The fees are used for general expenses, the Guild Journal etc. The Guild has no paid staff and all work is done voluntarily.

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