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1 Name: Irish Woodturners’ Guild

2 Aims:

The I.W.G shall be concerned with the promotion of WOODTURNING in the island of IRELAND, and, assisting Woodturners with

all aspects of their craft/art. In pursuance of these aims the Guild shall:

a) Further woodturning as a craft/art entity.

b) Provide a forum for the exchange of views and common objectives amongst its members.

c) Encourage the development of educational and training facilities for woodturners.

d) Be a clearinghouse for information from and to woodturners and other craft and art bodies or organisations.

e) Undertake other activities as may be in accordance with its aims.

3.1 Membership:

Membership of the Guild is open to all who are:

a) Part-time or full-time professional woodturners.

b) Hobby woodturners.

c) Such other persons who by their support can further the aims of the Guild.

3.2 Classes of Membership:

The Executive Committee may propose classes of membership to be approved by the A.G.M.

3.3 Subscriptions

a) The annual membership subscription for the various classes of members and any entrance fees levied shall be proposed by the

Executive committee and voted on at the A.G.M.

b) Annual subscriptions shall be due on or before January 1st of each year. The Executive Committee reserves the right to accept

or reject late renewals.

c) Subscriptions from new members are due at the time of application for membership and are valid for the calendar year in

which the application is made.

d) The Executive committee reserves the right to refuse or terminate membership.

4 Management:

a) The management of the Guild should be vested in an Executive Committee.

b) The Guild shall elect a President and up to four Vice Presidents for a period not exceeding four years.

c) The business and affairs of the Guild shall be managed and administered by an Executive Committee

consisting of six officers Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Membership

Secretary, Journal Editor.

Irish Woodturners’ Guild Constitution

Other members of the Executive Committee will be;

The Guild President

A Seminar Co-Coordinator from the host Chapter – who will be co-opted onto the Executive committee at the first

meeting of the committee after the AGM.

d) Officers of the Guild shall hold office for not more than five consecutive years. The Executive committee shall retire

annually and shall be eligible for re-election.

e) The Executive committee shall hold at least six meetings each year and at such meetings four shall form a quorum.

f) The Executive committee shall have the power to appoint a full member of the Guild to fill any casual vacancy on the

Executive committee until the next A.G.M. Any person so appointed shall retire at the next A.G.M but shall be eligible for

re-election as a member of the Executive committee at such meeting.

g) The Executive committee may from time to time appoint subcommittees from among their number as may be deemed

necessary and expedient, and may delegate to such subcommittees such of the powers and duties of the Executive committee

as the Executive committee may determine.

h) The Executive committee shall have the power to co-opt full members of the Guild to serve on any subcommittee set up under

this rule.

i) The Executive committee shall ensure that correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs, receipts and

disbursements of the Guild are kept by the Honorary Treasurer and accurate minutes are kept by the Honorary Secretary.

j) The Guild may honour Woodturners who have made an outstanding contribution to the work of the Guild.

5. Voting Rights:

Only paid up members shall be entitled to attend and vote on any particular issue arising for decision at the A.G.M or E.G.M

6. Affiliation to Craft Bodies:

The Guild may affiliate to Craft/Art Bodies that support and promote the development of Crafts/Arts. The Executive committee will

nominate a representative to such bodies.

7 General Meetings & E.G.M.’s

a) At any General Meeting 20 members shall constitute a quorum.

b) The Annual General Meeting of the Guild shall be held at such time and place as the Executive committee may direct, and

shall be held each year.

c) Notice in writing shall be given to all members at least 21 days in advance of the A.G.M indicating the time and place of

such meeting. This Notice will normally be published in the IWG Journal December Edition. If any unforeseen

circumstance occurs, normal posting methods will be used.

d) Such notice shall also invite nominations from members seeking election to the Executive committee for a particular

officer position.

e) Each nomination must be proposed, seconded and forwarded to the Secretary in writing 7 days prior to the A.G.M.

f) If at the closing date for nominations no person has been nominated for a particular office of the Executive committee the

Chairman shall at the A.G.M seek nominations from the members present so as to fill any vacancy arising.

g) The business of the Annual General Meeting and the order thereof shall be as follows:

1) Minutes of the last A.G.M and minutes of any Extraordinary General Meeting held since the last A.G.M.

2) Secretary’s Report.

3) To receive the Treasurer’s report on the present state of the finances of the Guild.

4) To receive the Chairman’s report on the Guild for the year.

5) The election of the officers of the Executive committee for the following year.

6) To decide on any resolution to amend this constitution.

7) To raise any other matters or motions properly before the meeting relating to the affairs of the Guild.

h) The Secretary shall call an EGM on receipt in writing signed by at least 30 members a petition stating the business to be

brought before the E.G.M. The Honorary Secretary must convene a meeting within 35 days of receipt of such a petition.

i) In the event of the Executive being unable to function the President and Vice Presidents must convene a meeting within 35

days to appoint a replacement Executive.

j) Written notice of all EGMs shall be sent to members at least 14 days prior to the date of such meeting.

k) Only the motions as listed on the Agenda, will be accepted for discussion at a EGM.

8. Standing Orders:

a) The Executive Committee may draw up, and alter Standing Orders to regulate the management of AGMs and EGMs.

b) In the event of the dissolution of the I.W.G. such funds as may be held shall only be disposed of to organisation(s) which will

promote the aims of the I.W.G.’s constitution.

9. Amendments to the Constitution:

a) No amendments shall be made except by a resolution of a General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting at which

two thirds of the eligible voters present are in favour.

b) Amendments will come into effect on the day after adoption.

10 Chapters:

a In pursuance of its aims the Guild will encourage the setting up of Chapters to organise events at local or regional level.

Membership of Chapters is open to all members of the Guild.

b) The Executive Committee shall allocate funds to properly constituted Chapters (i.e. Chapters with 10 or more members) on

request. The amount of funds allocated will be in proportion to its membership and shall not exceed one third of the annual

subscriptions of each member.

c) Chapters may apply for additional funding by filling in an appropriate form available from the Honorary Secretary. Such

funding will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

d) Chapters are subject to the constitution of the Guild, and may not engage in activities, which are contrary to the aims and

objectives of the Guild.

e) A committee consisting of at least Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and two ordinary committee members shall manage the

Chapters. The chapter committee shall be elected annually.

f) Each Chapter shall submit an annual report to the Executive Committee before January 31st.

g) Each Chapter may nominate one member to attend Executive Committee Meetings as an observer, with right of audience but

no right to vote.

h) Chapter Secretaries shall be notified of all Executive Committee meetings.