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Free Demonstrations by Chestnut on Conker's Live

Terry Smart of Chestnut Products have given us permission to advertise " Conkers Live " which is to support demonstrators and keep turners together during the lockdown. All the demonstrations are free to watch and can be watched by using the following link . You can also subscribe to their bulletins where you will to get updates about events and demonstrators. You can even subscribe to reminders that get emailed out just before demonstration go on air!

All the dates are on the website, and are as follows:
3 November - Paul Hannaby
26 November - Andrew Hall
14 December - Colwin Way
11 January -
4 February -
24 February -
19 March -
12 April -
12 May -

Demonstrator's name for the next date will be revealed when Colwin Way has demonstrated. So it is up to you to watch, hopefully learn something and enjoy it.